Permanent Hair Colour Without Ammonia 
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Natural Hair ColorHerbatint Natural Hair Color

Herbatint® provides permanent color in only one application. Herbatint Hair color uses a natural herbal base with no ammonia. Utilizing the many beneficial properties obtained from the herbal extracts and proteins, Herbatint® gently colors and protects the sensitive structure of your hair giving a deep natural gloss and brilliance. You can also lighten your hair color by approximately 1 shade using Herbatint®.

Herbatint® is able to cover white or grey hair gently and without causing damage to your hair, which enable the chosen color to last much longer. The natural series colors from 1N to 8N give 100% coverage of grey hair. In order to achieve total grey hair coverage with the Ash, Golden, Copper and Mahogany series of colors, it is suggested you mix the chosen color (40mL) with a natural (N) series of the same number (20mL).

Herbatint® can be used even if a chemical dye has been used to color your hair. If you hair has been permed please bear in mind that your hair is more porous than usual, so select one shade lighter than usual for best results. Herbatint® cannot provide 100% coloring power for hennaed hair which still has henna present, as henna creates a coating around the hair.

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1N - Black 2N - Brown 3N - Dark Chestnut 4N - Chestnut 5N - Light Chestnut 6N - Dark Blondel
Black Brown Dark Chestnut Chestnut Light Chestnut Dark Blonde
7N - Blonde 8N - Light Blonde 9N - Honey Blonde 10N - Platinum Blonde 4D -Golden Chestnut 5D - Light Golden Chestnut
Blonde Light Blonde Honey Blonde Platinum Blonde Golden Chestnut Light Golden Chestnut
6D - Dark Golden Blonde 7D - Golden Blonde 8D - Light Golden Blonde 4M - Mahogany Chestnut 5M - Light Mahogany Chestnut 7M - Mahogany Blonde
Dark Golden Blonde Golden Blonde Light Golden Blonde Mahogany Chestnut Light Mahogany Chestnut Mahogany Blonde
4R - Copper Chestnut 5R - Light Copper Chestnut 7R - Copper Blonde 8R - Light Copper Blonde 4C - Ash Chestnut 5C - Light Ash Chestnut
Copper Chestnut Light Copper Chestnut Copper Blonde Light Copper Blonde Ash Chestnut Light Ash Chestnut
6C - Dark Ash Blonde 7C -Ash Blonde 8C -Light Ash Blonde 10C -Swedish Blonde 9DR - Copperish Gold 10DR -Light Copperish Gold
Dark Ash Blonde Ash Blonde Light Ash Blonde Swedish Blonde Roman Sunset Light Roman Sunset
FF1 - Henna Red FF2 - Crimson Red FF3 - Plum FF4 - Violet FF5 - Sand Blonde FF6 -Orange
Royal Cream Normalizing Shampoo Chamomile Shampoo Hair Coloring Cover Hair Coloring Tint Bowl

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New Herbatint Flash Hair Color New Herbatint Flash Hair Color
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See  Non-Toxic Hair Color Facts
by Karen M. Shelton, Lamas Beauty Magazine Contributor
Minerals, Vitamins and Supplements Guide
providing educational, evidence-based information for health conscious consumers
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