Permanent Hair Colour Without Ammonia 
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法國亮彩賦輔酶+GHK多胜肽蛋白精華液 5毫升 10 小安瓶  Item No:  MCR0307
UPC:  19000000307

Q10+GHK-Cu Peptide Essence

Collagen Renewal

1 box contains 10 vials of 5ml. total of 50 ml.

Copper peptide GHK-Cu is the most important element in the skin care field to stimulate the skin’s natural healing capabilities and is widely used in anti-aging products. It is formed from a Copper Peptide Complex with a Glycyl, Histidyl, Lysine, and Copper structure. Cu is the one trace element that maintains regular human cell function, stimulates skin regeneration, and replaces lost collagen and tension proteins. GHK is used in low, non-toxic concentrations, to facilitate skin’s healing and reconstruction, reduce inflammatory mediators, and increase production of important growth factors and molecular regulators.

The copper binding peptide, GHK, has been studied for the last three decades, primarily as a wound-healing agent. Its well-documented skin regeneration capabilities include stem cell activation, suppression of metastasis genes, and restoring damaged cells. GHK possesses antioxidants that increase the level of antioxidant enzymes, and regenerate and repair irradiated skin cells.

Studies found that GHK out-performed and increased collagen better than both Vitamin C and retinoic acid. GHK is suitable for aging and wrinkled skin, skin with a lack of elasticity, and dark or unevenly pigmented skin. Directions: Use twice a day after a cleanser and toner. Apply an appropriate amount to fingertips and gently massage onto the skin, while avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Follow with your daily skin care regimen.

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